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Introduction to Grails

Timeline: 3 Days


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  • What is Grails
  • How does Groovy fit with Grails
  • Review of Model-View-Controller paradigm
  • Key Grails concepts like scaffolding, convention over configuration, closures, and metaprogramming
  • Installing Grails
  • Generating a basic “hello world” app
  • Examination of what was creating
  • Understanding the directory structure and dependencies
  • Connecting to an external database
  • Review of Groovy Database development concepts
  • Review of Model
  • Creating Groovy classes as Models
  • Review of the Controller
  • Generating controllers
  • Creating a dynamic scaffolding
  • Examine request / response processing
  • Review of the View
  • Creating a Groovy Server Page (GSP)
  • Working with GSP tags
  • Creating and modifying templates
  • Understanding GORM – Grails Object/Relational Mapper
  • Using GORM for CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete)
  • Working with Dynamic Finders, Hibernate Query Language, and Find by Example
  • Review of the command pattern
  • Understanding where services fit within a Grails application
  • Implementing a command pattern as a Service
  • Overview of Ajax and its capabilities
  • Integrating Ajax with Groovy using GSPs and Prototype.js
  • Working with HTML, XML, and JSON results