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JPA with Spring

Timeline: 3 Days


  • Create basic Java web applications
  • Basic understanding of JDBC and relational database concepts


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  • Introduction to Spring
  • Using Spring to configure an application
  • Simplifying application configuration
  • Annotation-based dependency injection
  • Simplifying JDBC-based data access with Spring
  • Driving database transactions in a Spring environment
  • Introducing object-to-relational mapping (ORM)
  • Getting started with JPA in a Spring environment
  • Using JPA annotations and Hibernate XML
  • Inheritance: considerations and trade-offs
  • Defining custom user-types for Value Objects
  • Using queries: JPQL, criteria API, native (SQL)
  • JPA in web applications: open entity manager in view
  • Using the different Java collection mappings
  • Using joins and components to go beyond naïve class to table mappings
  • Working with persistent objects
  • Lazy loading and detached objects
  • Optimistic and pessimistic locking
  • Mixing JPA and JDBC
  • Performance tuning
  • Advanced Features: interceptors, schema generation, caching, batching