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Service Oriented Architectures for Managers

Timeline: 1 Day


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  • History of distributed programming
  • Challenges with traditional distributed programming
  • Overview of service-based solutions
  • Types of Service Oriented Architectures
  • Defining a common language: Understanding the terminologies
  • Defining a common implementation: Understanding the technologies
  • Definitions: SOA, BPM, Web Services
  • Creating Interoperability and applicability
  • Essential SOA & BPM components to achieve agility
  • New infrastructure & application development paradigm
  • Change Management
  • Maturity Model
  • Infrastructure components and tools
  • Key decisions, motivations, and risks
  • It wont be the technology that causes failure
  • Driver for business and IT agility
  • Learning a new paradigm
  • SOA or Web Services: Making the right choice
  • Design considerations: Contract-first
  • Best practices for design
  • Critical success factors
  • Governance
  • Measuring ROI