Kickstart your project with Sprint Zero


Many organizations have a need to outsource all or part of a project. We have experience in both commercial product development as we as internal facing system development. We can take on an entire project or a portion of an effort you have on the planning board. We also know that software development does not often go as originally planned. We can assist with projects that have jumped off track – we’ve been there, we understand.


Our areas of expertise

  • JEE Application¬†Development
  • Industry knowledge in Work Force Management, Media, Insurance and Aviation
  • Complex messaging systems using Websphere MQ, Active MQ, Mule TIBCO EMS/Rendevous
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Build Systems using Ant, Maven and Jenkins. Knowledge and hands on experience with several SCM’s



Build & Automation


We have extensive experience with Ant/Maven/Ivy and other languages used for build systems. Kiddcorp can create a build and automation environment from scratch for you as well as identifying and resolving issues with your current environment.


Technical Debt Resolution


Many projects, for one reason or another, amass technical debt, issues in the software that they are unable to address due to the need to create additional feature. We can assist with this by helping you identify the technical debt that will hinder you the most and creating a plan of attack. We also can assist with coding solutions.




We are infected with testing and feedback loops. As a matter of fact, we are nuts about them. In our experience not having solid test coverage sets your project up for failure or at least a lot of pain.

Previous Projects

  • Lead Architects on a Workforce Management product conversion from ISAM/Solaris to multi-tiered JEE solution.
  • Technologies included Spring, HIbernate, Mule, Struts, REST, jQuery, and Kendo UI.
  • Design and implemented a REST infrastructure for a legacy product
  • Implemented a Maven build system to enable CI for a product development team. Implementation included Jenkins, Sonar, Checkstyle with integrations to Jira, Subversion and RallyDev.
  • Converted an ANT based build system to Maven
  • Architected and implemented a JEE based media library management system for a Dallas media company
  • Implemented a data access layer for a project team based on JPA/Hibernate

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